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PHACONIT Surgery first time in Jharkhand, performed by Dr. S.K.Mitra :

skmitra.jpg It is now well known that Phaco Surgery the stitch less Micro incision surgery with Foldable and Inject able Intraocular lens implantation is being done at Tinplate Hospital since last one and half years. We have already earned a name in Phaco surgery not only in Jamshedpur but also in Jharkhand & is being appreciated at the state conference level.

On 15.12.2004 Dr. S.K.Mitra performed PHACONIT surgery which is far more advance with an incision of only 1.4 mm and implanted one Rollable (ThinOptx) ultra thin lens to one TRF Patient. The patient was discharged next day morning and is doing perfect with 6/6 vision in the operated eye. This surgery is performed by a very few eye surgeons in India and abroad & probably this is the first time it has been done in Jharkhand. The PHACONIT with ROLLABLE intraocular lens is the future of the cataract surgery where patient gets cured in 4 to 5 hours time and can go back to his work on very next day, we have started the journey.

Interlocking Nails (Orthopeadic Surgery) : Interlocking Nails are newer devises, which have been introduced in the Orthopeadic Department of our Hospital two months ago. It has numerous advantages of shorter hospital stay, lesser cost, quicker preoperative and post-operative waiting period in the Hospital.

Further no plasters are utilised post operatively and patient can go home walking with crutches in about five days of the operation. This operation is ideal for long bones fractures of femur, tibia and humerus. In the cases that we have done here, the patients are fully satisfied as the pain level is less and they can go home early.

The devise consists of special type of cannulated rods and bolts and has to be done under Image Intensifier. A few of the devises and procedure are illustrated in the accompanying photographs: -

int_nail2.jpg int_nail1.jpg

int_nail3.jpg int_nail4.jpg

Phacoemulsification Surgery : In the constant endeavor of providing quality service to the Tinplate employees and the people of Jamshedpur, Phacoemulsification surgery the most modern type of small incision cataract surgery has been started very recently at tinplate hospital with the help of new generation Lieca Ophthalmic Operating Microscope and Appnasonic Phacoemusifier.

phaco.jpgPhacoemulsification is a procedure in which after producing a very small incision of only 3.2 mm size with help of special Microsurgical blade at the corneoscleral junction the cataractous lens is being emulsified with ultrasonic Phaco-probe. The emulsified lens is then aspirated out by the irrigation aspiration procedure. The foldable intra Ocular Lens of calculated diopteric power which was calculated by A-SCAN prior to the capsular bag to give a near normal vision.

The instrument sophistication, the evolution of capsulorhexis and finaly arrival of foldable phacoprofile lenses has allowed us to exploit fully the advantages of a small incision. Added to this are the facts that phacoemulsification ensures a greater control over the fluid dynamics during surgery and minimizes the risk of trauma to the nearby structure and also permits suture less cataract surgery to be undertaken.

The advantages of phacoemulsification are:

  • Shorter overall surgery.
  • Small incision.
  • Less sclerasl & conjunctival scar.
  • Faster healing of the wound.
  • Overall recovery of the patient faster.
  • Eye is physically stronger immediately postoperative.
  • Less change of corneal curvature.
  • More control and safety during surgery.
  • Safer intra Ocular Lens insertion due to small incision.
  • Allows sutureless wound closure.
  • Quieter eye postoperatively.
  • Less Cystoid Macular Edema.
  • More satisfied patient with near normal vision.

The results of this value added Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery are gratifying both to the patient and for the surgeon. The procedure adopted is thus a definite technological advancement and a giant leap towards excellence.

Non Invasive Surgery Centre :

laproscop.jpgNon - invasive surgery indicates surgery done without opening up the skin in the conventional way, by long incisions. Today we have certain equipment available which allow the surgeon to operate on organs inside the abdomen or chest, through small slits in the skin. These are called Laparascopes or Endoscopes, which function as extension of the eye inside the body & help to visualise the pathology to make a definite diagnosis. Common operations that can be performed through these scopes include Gall bladder, Appendix & Prostate removal; Kidney, Urinary bladder & Liver, operations and removal of stones from urinary tract.

Top Level Executive Cabins with Pantry and Bath attached : Three cabins with facilities like fridge, T.V., Microwave Oven etc are operational.

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