Tinplate Hospital, Jamshedpur has established itself as “PHACO CENTRE”

Phacoemulsification surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in today’s Ophthalomology. The development of this advanced cataract surgery with lens implantation through Injector system has made Cataract surgery an out patient procedure. The procedure is very safe in the hand of skilled surgeon and recovery takes only 2 to 3 days. Phacoemulsification is an advanced machine dependent surgical procedure. Here, the Ultrasound energy is being used to break the cataractus lens into number of tiny pieces by means of an ultrasound guided needle and then the emulsified lens matters are aspirated out with a suction device. The advance Foldable artificial lens is then placed at the place of the natural lens with an injector system through the small opening.

The search for a safe and effective technique for anesthesia has also been evolving. General anesthesia although is convenient for surgeon, it subjects the patient to all the complications of G.A. Phacosurgery with Intra-Ocular-Lens implantation in almost all cases are being done under local anesthesia i.e. by giving injections around the eyeball & making it immobile during surgery.

The Retrobulbar block anesthesia supplemented by Facial nerve block was in use by most of the surgeons for many decades but has the disadvantages of  being “Blind Injection” and the risk of perforation, injury to the vessels and nerve. Peribulbar injections avoided the need for facial block and minimized the incidence of complications but still it is a blind procedure. With the change of time and technology the number and site of the injections were reduced by most of the surgeons as the chances of injury to the Nerve, the Eyeball and the adjacent structures remains a possibility.

Topical anesthesia has the advantage of avoiding all the problems associated with the injections. However, the success depends to a great extent on surgeon’s preference and experience,  proper patient selection, counseling, and preparation. It is a safe alternative to the use of retrobulbar or peribulbar injections, less time consuming and definitely less costly which has a measurable impact in high-volume settings and on the national level.

In Tinplate Hospital, Dr.S.K.Mitra has implemented and started “No Injection Cataract Surgery” i.e PhacoSurgery under Topical Anesthesia (4% Xylocaine / Proparacaine drops) – the most modern and value added procedure from January 2011. At present it is the only center in Jamshedpur where Phaco under Topical Anesthesia is done for all other than the complicated cases. The Tinplate Hospital has emerged and established itself as a “ Phaco Centre ” in Eastern India.

Go TopIncinerator for Tinplate Hospital (A step towards Environment Protection)

Tinplate hospital has installed a new incinerator to take care of Bio-medical waste. As per norms of the Jharkhand state government pollution control board.


The incinerator was jointly inaugurated by Mr. Rakeshwar Pandey (President, TWU) and Mr. B.L. Raina (MD, TCIL) on 15 Aug 2003 Independence day. It has a capacity of disposing Bio-medical waste at the rate of 10Kg Per hour and is smoke free and odour free. Special care has been taken to keep the surrounding of the incinerator clean and hygienic.

The chimney of the incinerator is 100ft tall. It is supplied by Haat incinerators Bangalore who are the leaders in this field and has cost the hospital Rs.11 lacks.

Go TopDignity, Tinplate Hospital Team Up For Senior Citizens

SENIOR CITIZENS of the city can avail complete health check up facilities at the Tinplate Hospital at affordable rates.

The facility was inaugurated today (14th May' 2003). Around 56 senior citizens benefited from the medical check-up organized on the initiative of the Dignity Foundation, Jamshedpur chapter with cooperation of Tinplate Hospital.

According to chairman of Dignity Foundation, local chapter, R G Narayan the health checkup camp is open to all senior citizens and members of Dignity Foundation.

"As part of the health checkup camp, in the first phase there would be a complete medical check-up after which the senior citizen would be attached to a particular hospital. Lastly, the senior citizen would be given health insurance cover," he said.

Outlining the special feature of the health check-up package, Narayan said it has been designed to study and test every vital organ in the body and screen at the earliest for any impending illness, usage of modern technology for testing blood, ECG, X-Ray, tread mill etc, specialized attention from doctors and specialists in different fields, maintaining confidentiality between the doctor and the patient, affordable cost of treatment for the senior citizen without compromising on quality of treatment.

"For availing the benefit of the health check-up facility, a senior citizen can either get registered with Dignity Foundation office, select the package of his/her choice and then spend a few hours with specialists and doctors at Tinplate Hospital," said Narayan.

Earlier, inaugurating the camp, senior GM, Tinplate Company of India Limited (TCIL), B Chandrasekhar, spoke on the importance of medical check-up especially for senior citizens.

He also spoke on the ultramodern facilities available in the hospital and stressed that the company's association with Dignity Foundation is part of its policy of social responsibility.

Director, medical service, Tinplate Hospital, Dr CD Singh who was the guest of honour on the occasion said Tinplate Hospital authorities have gladly agreed to the proposal of the Dignity Foundation and expressed confidence that it would be given top most priority.

He also said senior citizens can take an appointments for check-ups over the telephone.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ramesh P Verma, secretary, Dignity Foundation.

Go TopA New Lease of Life

A 24 years old female (name not disclosed) was brought to Tinplate Hospital in a very serious state after getting treated somewhere outside. She was in a state of shock with no pulse, her blood pressure was not recordable and was having very shallow respiration. Due to the seriousness of her condition, she was probably rejected by various hospitals of Jamshedpur.

In Tinplate Hospital she was diagnosed a case of viscus perforation with peritonitis and severe septicimia. After explaining the severity of the disease and seriousness of her condition to the party, Dr.C.D.Singh and his team of Doctors (comprising of Anaesthetist, Surgeon and Gynaecologist) took the risk and proceeded for the operation. On operating, the abdomen was found to be full of pus and faecel matter. Pelvic colostomy was performed in order to save the patients life. Patient was kept in ICU for few days. There she had a very difficult time, but the diligent and dedicated effort of Tinplate Hospital medical team paid off and she was brought out of danger.

Finally she was discharged from the hospital after 2 weeks with colostomy. Reoperation for colostomy closure was performed after 3 months of primary operation. Now she is perfectly normal and leading a normal life. This patient has all praises for the team of doctors, paramedical staff, office staff as due to their sincere and committed efforts she has got a new lease of life, most importantly for her 3 year old daughter.

Go TopTinplate Hospital rises from the ashes (Extracts from

Tinplate has shown a remarkable turnaround in the last three-odd years and now makes more than Rs 20 lakh a month. The list of companies in Jamshedpur using the hospital for its employees reads like a who's who of the corporate world.

"Public sector banks, cement company Lafarge India, American bearings maker Timken, Uranium Corporation and even several companies of the Tata Steel group have signed up," says Tinplate Hospital's managing director Bhushan L Raina.

The 200-bed hospital faced certain death three years back when its parent Tinplate Company of India slipped into the red. But Raina was determined to revive the hospital and bring it to fiscal health.

Thus, a time-bound turnaround plan that envisaged upgrading the hospital, throwing it open to other companies and converting it into a profit centre, was submitted to the Tinplate board.

On receiving approval, Raina and his team swung into action. Other companies in and around Jamshedpur were approached and encouraged to send their staff under an arrangement to the Tinplate Hospital instead of the government or private clinics in the town.

Moreover, a budget for upgrading the hospital was chalked out and key investments made so that it became a preferred destination. To further upgrade facilities, a hospital trust was formed and corporate donors invited.

Today, the hospital boasts of a comprehensively equipped intensive care unit. Moreover, a new block has been made where patients are accommodated. There are also attached family restrooms and kitchen for relatives of the critically ill.

The hospital's busy maternity ward is equipped with the latest equipment like a foetal monitor from Agilent Technologies, and a competent trauma care centre.

The squeaky-clean hospital is today choc-a-bloc with patients and offers quality health care despite its low cost of treatment."The buzz-word on the lips of the hospital staff, doctors to nurses, is 'customer satisfaction'," the chief medical officer points out.

From being a unit in danger of being sold, to one of the best healthcare facilities in Jharkhand state, is certainly a feat worthy of emulation.

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Emergent Technology In Eye Surgery

With the advent of time, the Eye Dept. of Tinplate Hospital is gearing up to establish its foot step with the modern Cost Effective and Value added Eye - surgeries.

Small Incision Cataract Surgery (Manual Phaco.) is being routinely performed by Dr.S.K.Mitra at the Tinplate Hospital now since January 2001.

This is a modified type of Microsurgery in which a Valve- like, self sealing incision is made, which is smaller than that is done in Conventional Microsurgery, through which Cataractous lens is being taken out and Intra Ocular lens is implanted. The post Operative period is shorter and, as it is a SUTURELESS surgery, acceptance by the patients is much more, with minimum Post operative complaints. Patients are rehabilitated early and the results are compatible with Hi- Tech. Machine Phacoemulsification Procedure.

Go Top New Annexe For Tinplate Hospital

In our constant desire to improve the conditions in the hospital, we have embarked on the next phase of improvements.

After the Trauma Centre Operation theatre has been established, we were thinking of how to upgrade our Surgical practices. The latest trend in surgery is by Laparoscopic procedures. We were lucky in having the expertise available, ever since Dr.C.D.Singh joined us. Now we have acquired all instruments required for Endo-Urology and abdominal Surgeries by endoscopic/laparoscopic methods. Now, Prostate surgery, removal of stones from the kidney , ureters and bladder, removal of polyps or other growths from the bladder, etc., can all be done by endoscopes. Abdominal surgeries like Gall Bladder removal, appendicectomies, and hernias, can be done by Laparoscopes. Gynaecological operations like tube tying, fibroid removals, etc can be done by Laparoscopes. The knee and Shoulder joints can now be explored by Arthroscopes. Uroflowmetry has been introduced in our hospital, which is the first of its kind in Jamshedpur.

Our Hospital was built a long time ago. Therefore many portions needed repair and face lifting, especially the toilets. This has been done in a big way. Some more will be done soon. Our Cabins were also not adequate for heads of Companies and other such dignitaries . So, we just finished building an Annexe with 3 Cabins, with all the amenities including a modern kitchenette, a sit out etc. The cabins are spacious and very comfortable. They have provisions for another family member to also stay comfortably in it. The kitchenette is fully equipped with a micro-wave oven, a hotplate, a toaster, a water-purfier, and all crockery/ cutlery. Easy access to the Operation Theatre and other parts of the hospital makes sure that doctors are always within a short distance from the cabins, though they maintain their exclusivity.

Three Health Insurance Agencies have now recognized our hospital for check-ups, and have started sending their clients. They are TATA-AIG, United Healthcare India and Medicare. We now also have the services of two prominent Physicians of Jamshedpur, namely Dr. Balsara (Consultant Physician) and Dr. B.K.P. Sinha (Consultant Psychiatrist) for the benefit of all our patients. We will continue to strive for newer and better additions to our hospital.

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