Dispensaries : Our Commitment to Social Outreach

The Hospital reaches out to the Society through its Dispensaries.

Go Top  Tinplate Family Welfare Centre

Located at the 10 Number Basti. The Welfare Centre takes upon itself the responsibility of caring for mothers (post-natal) and mothers to be (ante-natal). Baby Shows are organised to encourage healthy nutrition amoung children - our future generation. School Health Check-Ups are thoroughly and carefully executed.

Health and higher standards of living are important aspects of widening the outlook of families. This is done through Welfare Progammes held regularly through-out the year. The educational and welfare programmes cover topics like Nutrition, Aids Awareness, Malaria/Water borne Diseases Control Programme, Cancer Detection, Family Planning & Welfare programmes, to name a few.

An Outpatient Department (OPD) is functional in the morning and afternoon to restore health and well-being to the lives of the TCIL family. Medicines (for long standing diseases too) are also dispensed from here.

                   A school health check-up in progress by our pediatrician

Go Top  Bagbera Dispensary

We have a Dispensary outside the city limits. Other than our own employees, we take care of employees of other companies and outsiders. This is mainly for the retired employees who find it difficult to even pay the fares, to come to the Hospital for treatment.

Go Top  Lafarge Occupational Health Centre

Lafarge India was previously part of Tata Steel, It has now been taken over by a French Company and has no medical set-up of its own. We are managing their Health Centre which also has a village outreach. The patients who need further management are brought and treated at the Tinplate Hospital.

We are likely to take over and manage dispensaries of other companies of the surrounding areas too.

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