Suite Room known as “ANNEXE” (3 nos.) – A suite comprises well-furnished air-conditioned rooms including waiting area. It has a patient cot, an attendant cot, one television, sofa sets, a telephone, wardrobe, and intercom facility, attached washroom with a geyser and a kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave oven, electric heater and dinner set.

Executive A.C cabins (3 nos.) - This is a large air-conditioned room with television, wardrobe, a patient cot, an attendant couch and an attached washroom with a geyser.

E Cabins (5 nos) - This is a large and contemporary air-conditioned room with LED TV, wardrobe, a patient cot, an attendant couch and an attached washroom with a geyser.

A.C cabins (7 nos.) - This is an individual air-conditioned room with attached washroom with a geyser located on a specially designated floor. This room has a television and a couch.

Semi-Cabins (4 nos.) - Air-Conditioned rooms with an attached washroom with a geyser and a couch.


Shared Cabin (1 no.) - This is an A.C room with 2 beds separated by a screen and a washroom with a geyser.

Maternity Cabins (2 nos.) – This is an AC cabin attached to the Gynaec ward, especially for Gynaec patients. It has an attendant cot and an attached washroom with a geyser.

Mother and Child Ward - This is an AC Ward with 15 beds dedicated to care of mother and child.

Post Operative Ward – This is a 6 bedded AC ward for the care of patients who have undergone surgery.

General wards  - This is similar to a dormitory with a common washroom with a geyser. Every bed is provided with a bedside table, footstool and a food trolley. The various categories of general ward are:

·         General Surgical Ward

·         Female Ward A and B

·         Casualty

·         Male Ward

·         Mini Ward

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – Modern set up with automatic folding beds and all state of the art equipments to take care of the critically ill patients.

Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) – A ward with monitoring equipments for extra care and comfort.


Dietary services:

Tinplate hospital has a dietary department which serves veg and non-veg food at the bedside to the patients at meal times. Nutritious food is prepared and served under strict standards of hygiene under the supervision of a qualified Dietician.

We have a coffee shop “AAROHINI” from 8am to 8pm adjacent to the gate which serves beverages and snacks.

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